Shots Sombrero (Shots Server)

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A fun and stylish way to serve your favorite drinks with friends.  

This Shots Sombrero (Shots Server) is a fun and durable centerpiece made from sustainably-farmed premium Honduras Mahogany from the MARSSE Tropical Timber tree farm in Pangasinan.  Finished only with tung oil and beewax, the wood’s natural cut, color, grain, and knots make these products one-of-a-kind. 

This set comes with 6 shot glasses tailor-fit to the hardwood server. 

Product Dimensions: 9” Diameter x 0.75” Thick 

Comes in a paper gift bag with a product tag.  Just add a ribbon and a gift tag and it's ready for Christmas!

Care Instructions: Wipe clean only. Re-apply wax occasionally.